Laser hair removal is the #1 aesthetic treatment among non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Laser hair removal is based on preferred absorption in the chromophore melanin, which is mainly found in the hair shaft, and in a smaller amount in the skin, depending on the Fitzpatrick skin type. The target is the pigment in the hair follicle which absorbs the heat that destroys the cells lining the hair follicle specifically around the bulb, bulge, and vascular supply.

At Enhanced Aesthetics & Laser Center, we use the Candela GentleYag Pro Laser which is considered the gold standard for laser hair removal in all Fitzpatrick skin types.

* Syneron, 2017.

Process Time:10-60 minutes depending on the size of the area
Pain Level:
Little to no pain
Little to no downtime. Minimal redness may be present to the treatment area immediately following procedure.
Results:Permanent. May take multiple treatments to achieve maximum results.